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Sunset Tour

This sunset tour is the perfect combination of mountain trails and a beautiful secluded beach.


Ride your horse through the jungle until you make your way to the top of a mountain. Your 1st stop will be on top of a cliff with an amazing ocean view! After a couple of pictures at this breathtaking spot, you will make your way to Buena Vista Beach, renowned for its turtle refuge. On the way there, you'll have a good chance of spotting a family of howler monkeys. After crossing a river, you will start riding along the 3 km long beach, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the crashing waves. Here your guide will give you more instructions for galloping, only if you're interested of course! Be sure to hold on tight as you feel the rush of adrenaline. I mean... who hasn't dreamed of galloping on the beach like in a good old cowboy movie?! Now is your chance!


Your 2nd stop will be to enjoy a Costa Rica sunset uneder the palm trees with some cold water and refreshing fruit. Your guide will give you more information about the turtle conservation that happens at the refuge. If it's your lucky day, you may even see baby turtles released! After refueling your energy, you will make your way back to the lively town of Samara.


Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Price: Adults- $55, Kids (10 years old and under)- $45 *tax included

Includes: Entry fee to the mountain, pick-up, water, fruit, and pictures

What to Wear: Long pants, a hat, and closed toe shoes

*we provide you with a helmet

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